Sick + (more complicated) soup cooking attempt

Right now, I’m sweating like crazy even though I’m not feeling hot. I mean, me sweating is not new but I’m talking about drops and drops of sweat dripping off my chin and all. Yup, been like this the whole day. And guys, this is the first time I’ve fallen ill in a long time so don’t call me weak. You yourselves know who you are HAHAHA.

So. I’ve been having the annoying dry + painful throat thing for a few days and it finally made a turn for the worse. I’m starting to cough now and the phlegm is suffocating me and I’m feeling like shit. Wanted to go to chinatown today to get awesome bunny bread (if you haven’t tried it, please do!) and drink soup and walk around (ann siang hill included!) but nooooo this has to happen. -.- Buck up immune system. Taking TCM for the first time in a long while too and man I’ve been getting diarrhoea. Sigh. Bad day.

Oh yeah yesterday I attempted to cook salted vegetable and tofu soup, which recipe I took from (thanks wiffy you’re the best). Since I had salted vege and tofu and all. I deem it a failure HAHA. Yeah, I messed up such a simple soup recipe. Sigh. 

First things first, the “modifications” I did to this recipe due to the lack of ingredients. I substituted the prawns for the same number of fresh shitake mushrooms (tried to cut a flower on top of one and of course, failed at that too) and since I had no sotong at home, I threw in 4 defrosted frozen jap scallops, halved them cause they’re rather big (WARNING: BAD BAD IDEA!). Since I had no lean pork as well but I had minced pork, I made pork balls instead and seasoned them with the marinade taken from another one of the soup recipes on that nice blog up there. 

Had half a salted vege and didn’t know if it constituted 200g and didn’t care but soaked them in water for 30 mins prior to cooking cause well, they were too salty. The soup was too salty and I had to keep adding hot water to it. So I guess next time I either would lessen the amount of salted vege or soak it longer. The pork balls were strangely, not fully cooked inside as well but it was mild and the scallops became too hard cause they were overcooked (duh). 

So. Yeah. But it is still a good recipe and a nice soup (once all that dilution was done). My mum and sister enjoyed it though my sis said it was a little on the salty side (STILL?!?!??!!)

Just curious, why does hot food taste less salty than cold food? In this case, my pot of soup. Does anyone know why?

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